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How to Use VPN
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Step 1

Do you see the Yellow Lock in the task bar?

Step 2

If you do not see the lock please go to your start bar and type Check Point .If you see the lock​ go to step 3 if not then call the IT office at ext. 7279


Then click the checkpoint app


At this point you should see the yellow Lock like in the first picture.

Now that you have the lock right click the lock and click Connect.



Did it ask you to configure a site? If no skip to step 5​.

If it asked you to configure site please click next to get to the setup wizard .


Type the BCC VPN address,


Once you are configured the VPN you will login using your username and password that you would normally use for work. 


Once you logged in successfully you will see a status bar fill up and you will hear a ring to let you know you're connected. It is at this point that you are connected to the VPN.


If you cannot get this to work please Call 760-252-2411 ext. 7279​    or email​             [email protected]


Please give us as much info as possible in the email such as which step failed or the error code message.








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