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How to add a printer to a Windows 10 computer
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How to Add a Printer to Windows 10

First click start 

Next Click Settings



Next Click “Devices>Bluetooth and other devices”and go right  and click “devices and printers”

Now click “Add a Printerr”


Next Click “Add a Network,Wireless or Bluetooth printer”

Next Click “The Printer that I want isn’t Listed”

Make sure “select a shared printer by name is clicked”


Type \\printserver\

After you have typed that find out what room you are in for example “L” for the library building and then you will see all the listed printers for that Building.Click the one you want and hit next all the way through .


And you should now have access to your printer . If there are any more issues with this call the I.T department at ext 7279 or 7602527279


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