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How to use the Projector in the classroom .
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How to use the projector 


Start by making sure all your Chords are plugged in .

1.Is your Power Cord

2.Is your Video Cable

3.Is your Internet Cable

4.Is your Audio Cable

5.Your Mouse & or keyboard 


Now Sign into The computer 


Now that you're logged in Let's Turn On the projector


On the Projector Screen you will see a dell screen or your computer video .

If you do not see your computer Video press “source” on the projector remote and click “HDMI”

If you still do not see your Computer Video go back to the Laptop and 

On your Keyboard hit (The Windows Key + P)

Then you will hit Duplicate and this will bring up the screen.




There are multiple places to make sure that your volume is good.


The Projector Remote

The Desktop itself

The 3.5 Jack

The audio Source ex: youtube,spotify


The first place you should Check is in the Windows Tool Bar 

Make sure this isn't muted otherwise you will definitely not have sound .


Now part two with the desktop audio is to know which audio channel you need selected 

Click the upper right corner arrow .

  1. Is for HDMI Only     2. Is for anything Plugged in via the 3.5 inch headphone jack 


Refer back to the First step to see if you have a 3.5 headphone jack plugged in which is number 4 in this example 

If you have an audio cable please Select “realtek audio”

If there is only the HDMI cord which is #2 in the Example select “intel(r) display audio”


The Next place to check for Audio is the projector Remote

Press the Volume button and that would automatically undo the muting and would give you sound.

The Last place to check for sound is the video source. So if you are using say “youtube” it has its own volume control on it .EX:


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