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How to Checkout a Chromebook to a student .
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Technology Loan Request 

When student is requesting a Chromebook through email or over the phone have them fill out the technology loan request form. 

TLSC staff should be checking the Technology request form daily through the link below. 

Click on Responses and then hit open in excel. 


Go through the list and verify in Argos that each student that is requesting technology is enrolled for that current semester. 


Once you click on Argos you will select Learning Support Services then Student Schedule print. 

Once you have verified the student is enrolled you will go to the Technology Assistance Internal Form. 

On this form you will put the students email and select yes or no for the rest of the questions. This information is on loan request form. Once you submit this form the student will receive and automated email providing pick up info. 


If a student walks in to the TLSC to request a Chromebook you do not need to fill out the internal form. The student will just fill out the Technology loan request and you will verify the student is enrollment in Argos. You will then check the Chromebook out to the student from the black storage cabinet with the computer on it. 




How to check out Chromebooks to students. 

On the computer located on the black storage cabinet turn the computer on. 

The username to unlock the computer is kiosk, no password is needed just hit enter. Open a web page then go to and log in to your account.  Once you log in you will click on Snipe-IT. 


Once the Asset page opens click in the box on the top right of the screen that says Lookup by Asset Tag. Scan the bar code on the back of the Chromebook. Once you scan it the View Asset page will pop up. Under status it will say Deployable, this means the item can be checked out. Then hit actions from the right-hand side and select Checkout Asset. 


When the screen below pops up type the students B# into the USER box and select the students name when the drop-down box pops open. Once you select Checkout the Assets currently checked out to this user will pop up. It should say No assets checked out at this time. IF THE STUDENTS HAVE 5 CHROMEBOOKS CHECKED OUT TO THEM DO NOT GIVE THEM THE SIXTH! 

If the student is checking the item out until the end of the semester put the last day of the semester in the Expected Checkin Date box. 


To check in technology, you will follow the instructions for checking items out.  

Click in the box on the right-hand side that says Lookup by Asset Tag. Scan the barcode on the technology that the student is bringing back. When the View Asset page pops up click the Actions box on the right-hand side and select Checkin Asset. The page below will pop up.  


From the select status box as long as the Chromebook is in good working condition select deployable. If it’s not in working condition select out of service and put what is wrong with it in the notes section. 

After you select the status you will select the location. Then Checkin. 



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